5 Quick Questions for the Creators of “The Seventh Wave”

The amount of things that are online that are irrelevant to my life are countless. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the same about your life as well. Even though I probably don’t know you that well (if at all), I believe I can safely say that the colour of the dress did not further your knowledge of the unknown. The woman singing “Can’t Lee” did not elevate you to a higher plateau from which you could see life from a different and greater perspective. (They are fun though!)

This weekend, however, I found out about something that is coming up that has a lot of promise. Something that brings conversations to the table that need to be spoken about and gives you room to think, write and share. So today, I present to you the first exclusive interview with the creators of the newest internet craze that is actually going to make us think deeper about who we are, why we are, where we are, and why we do the things that we do.

1. Who are you guys?

We are a group of writers and friends with diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. We come from Los Angeles, Seattle, Oklahoma and Lebanon (the one in the Middle East, not Tennessee). The four of us met in The New School’s writing program back in August 2013, and we connected with and challenged one another by sharing our words, our thoughts, and the different lenses through which we each saw pressing social issues. Months later, our focus turned to the way in which we actually have such conversations, the roles writers play within the realm of literature and communication, and how we can extend this dialogue beyond our reach to a national and international level.

2. What is “The Seventh Wave”

The Seventh Wave is a publication that takes a single social issue and examines it across a table of context: Science, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, etc. Each edition begins with three foundational essays: an editor’s essay defining the relevance of the issue; a commissioned essay written by a contemporary writer addressing the urgency of the issue; and a republished historical essay anchoring the issue in the past as well as the present. These three pieces of content will generate momentum for readers and thinkers to join the conversation. We encourage contradictions and welcome the textures that will arise when people practice the art of public conversation.

We hope that it will be a playground for opinions, professions, beliefs and experiences to intersect and cross boundaries.

3. Why “The Seventh Wave”?

According to myth, the seventh wave is always the tallest in a set of waves. That is to say, the one that makes the biggest impact. The publication hopes to pull in voices and opinions that, collectively, will crash loudly onto the shore. We want to be a disruptive force that changes how and what readers interact with, and that means starting out somewhere scary and groundless, like the ocean.

4. How will you navigate the space between online and print?

We are primarily online, and our printed material will look less like a magazine and more like a zine. We want our print publication to be a conversation starter, with quotes, questions and essays by our contributors, rather than the final word on any given issue. We want it to be an interactive experience, and we hope it will be something that readers can pass on and share in order to keep the conversation going.

5. When can we expect it launched and how can we support “The Seventh Wave”?

Expect us within the year! We will begin accepting submissions for our first issue sometime in April.

Meanwhile, we recently applied to a grant competition through our school called The New Challenge, and the first part of the challenge is the “Community Vote.” All the projects are posted online, and the one that gets the most likes by March 5 moves directly on to the finals. The way to help us is by liking the picture linked here and spreading the word:


The Seventh Wave is about building a community and examining the things that make it tick and contradict, and we hope people will want to take part in this momentum as we move onward with the conversation.



I would like to thank the creators of “The Seventh Wave” for giving me some of their time and can personally say that I am VERY excited to see this up and running.

P.S. A reminder, to support click here and like the picture 🙂



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